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07 September 2004

TLS 3 Released: Upgrade by 20 October 2004 and Save!

Template-Lover's Suite 3Finally, the Template Lover's Suite version 3 is here! We know that many of our customers have been waiting quite awhile for this update, and we thank you for your patience. TLS 3 comes with 2 extensions -- TLS-MX.mxp for Dreamweaver MX users and TLS-MX2004.mxp for Dreamweaver MX 2004 users. TLS 3 is both Windows and Macintosh compatible. Only $18. (See below for upgrade pricing.)

In addition to the great features in TLS 2, the new TLS 3 comes with the Template-Lover's Suite toolbar. This new toolbar adds all of the same items found in the Insert bar that relate to templates plus the addition of Jump to Region and Insert Template Parameter. Read more about what's new.

For those who purchased Template-Lover's Suite version 2 on or after July 3, 2004 we're offering a free upgrade. Download your free upgrade today!

For those who purchased Template-Lover's Suite 2 before July 3, 2004, we're offering a special upgrade price of $9 until October 20, 2004. After October 20, 2004 TLS 3 will be $18, so be sure to purchase your upgrade before our offer ends and save 50%.

Upgrade Now: You will need to log in to verify eligibility for free or $9 upgrade pricing.

16 April 2004

Toggle-O-Matic Suite Released
Toggle-O-Matic Suite is officially released today! Toggle-O-Matic Suite is only available from the DWfaq.com Store for $45. (Only $22.50 for Cartweaver 2 customers who purchase by May 16th. If you've been planning to get Cartweaver 2, now is the time to do it! Order Cartweaver 2 first, then come back to DWfaq.com, login,  and get your discount automatically. Login required to verify special pricing eligibility.)

If you haven't already clicked the link above, here's just a little bit about the Toggle-O-Matic Suite:

The Toggle-O-Matic Suite is comprised of 3 useful behaviors: Toggle-O-Matic Class, Toggle-O-Matic Display and Toggle-O-Matic Visibility. Using a combination of Toggle-O-Matic behaviors you can quickly create complex menus, FAQs, image galleries and much more, without being locked into any predefined CSS or code structures. (Be sure to check out our documentation and examples online)

22 March 2004

Start Stripping
Get your mind out of the gutter, DWfaq has some new and updated Stripper extensions.

Version 1.6.0 of Strip <?xml?> Tag released
The following improvements have been made in this version:

  • Fixes a bug present only in Dreamweaver MX 2004 which prevented the command from running when the document is being edited in Code view
  • Removes more variations of xml prologues found in PHP documents
  • Menu option now available (Commands> Strip XML Tag) so that you can run the command manually if desired (Good for legacy files containing the xml prologue)
  • Improved Dreamweaver performance: Command runs when saved only if the XML prologue is found in an XHTML document, rather than every save

You can find the updated version of the extension in the DWfaq Store.

Strip List Whitespace Released
As the art of web site design continues to mature more and more designers and developers are starting to realize the importance of adding structure to their web pages. Many web authors now create a menu of links using CSS and DIV or paragraph tags, but because these are lists of links why not create them using list tags? Unfortunately, IE has issues with block level elements in lists with whitespace between the elements. Well we've taken care of that for you:

  • Automatic Application: You don't need to do anything special after you've installed the Strip List Whitespace extension. Each time the document is saved, it will remove the whitespace necessary to avoid this IE bug. However, should you ever need to run the command manually, you may do so by choosing Commands > Strip List Whitespace.
  • Optimal performance: The extension only runs on files containing lists which contain whitespace.

It's free, so get it now in the DWfaq Store.

02 February 2004

Cartweaver 2, Better than Ever
Cartweaver 2 CF is a complete e-commerce solution which includes a database, shopping cart front end, online administration area, PDF documentation, a suite of Dreamweaver extensions, and much more.

Since the initial release of Cartweaver 2 ColdFusion in late October 2003, there have been many enhancements made based on customer feedback. (We figured it is high time that we finally mention Cartweaver officially here.) Cartweaver 2 CF is a whole new version, and not a true "upgrade" (though it is available at a special upgrade price of $75).

Cartweaver 2 is a vast improvement over its predecessor. Some of the new features in Cartweaver 2 include:

You can read more about the new features in Cartweaver 2 at: http://www.cartweaver.com/features/

Buy Cartweaver today!

Cartweaver 2 CF is spearheaded by Cartweaver founder and Senior Developer, Lawrence Cramer. Daniel Short is its Lead Developer and Angela C. Buraglia is the Cartweaver 2 CF extension suite developer. Together, the Cartweaver 2 CF team handles support via the Cartweaver support newsgroup. (For help setting up your newsreader, visit http://www.cartweaver.com/support/oesetup.cfm)

21 October 2003

Buh Bye PayPal
That's right, after a few months of hard work reingineering the DWfaq store, we're now PayPal free, and processing live credit cards. For those of you looking to purchase from DWfaq there's no more worries about signing up with a 3rd party site. You can now purchase directly through us with complete confidence.

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