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The Snippets Converter

About the Extension

Macromedia Dreamweaver MX now has the power of Snippets. Unfortunately, the Snippets found in Dreamweaver MX's Snippets panel are not compatible with HomeSite, JRun Studio, ColdFusion Studio or the Classic Snippets Panel (by Massimo Foti). The reason for the incompatibility is that Dreamweaver MX uses an XML file stored with the file extension of .CSN. This not only means that Snippets created in Dreamweaver MX cannot be used in other Snippets enabled programs, but that other Snippets enabled program's Snippets are not available in Dreamweaver MX.

This extension addresses the need to convert Snippets created in HomeSite, JRun Studio, ColdFusion Studio or the Classic Snippets Panel into the Dreamweaver MX format for use.

Note: Snippets can be made compatible with Dreamweaver MX, however Dreamweaver MX Snippets currently cannot be converted to the two file format (.HSS and .HSE) that HomeSite, JRun Studio, ColdFusion Studio and the Classic Snippets Panel uses. The only way to use HomeSite, JRun Studio, ColdFusion Studio type Snippets in Dreamweaver MX is with the Classic Snippets Panel.

The Download

The Snippets Converter v1.0.1
Extension by Massimo Foti

Get the extension for Dreamweaver MX here.

The Directions

  1. Access the extension from Commands» Massimocorner» Snippets Converter.

    The following dialog will appear:

  2. Click the folder icon to browse to the Snippets folder containing Snippets in the .HSS and .HSE file format. In other words, where HomeSite, JRun Studio, ColdFusion Studio, or Classic Snippets Panel Snippets are stored.

    Note: Version 1.1 of the Classic Snippets Panel will be available shortly after the official release of Dreamweaver MX (see the Support section below). Classic Snippets Panel prior to version 1.1 stores the files in the Dreamweaver's Configuration folder under the "Snippets" directory. Post version 1.1 the folder is named "Classic Snippets" (not yet available). See the Classic Snippets Panel Help Documentation for more information if needed.

  3. The "Overwrite existing Snippets" setting determines if existing Snippets should be overwritten with any that are being converted that use the same name.

    Check the box to Overwrite existing Snippets if the Snippets being converted are a newer version than those already installed in the Dreamweaver MX Snippets panel. For Example, you may have a Snippet named "My Copyright Info" that was created or previously converted to the MX Snippet format. If you choose to convert a Snippet by the same name, the existing Snippet will be replaced with the newly converted one.

    If you are unsure if duplicate names exist, uncheck the box or choose Cancel and verify the file names are not the same as the file names in the Dreamweaver MX\ Configuration\Snippets folder. It is better that you only choose to overwrite existing Snippets if you're certain that the ones being converted are all newer because the action cannot be undone.

    Tip: This setting is "sticky". The next time you use the extension, the checkbox will be checked only if it was checked the previous use.

  4. Click OK. When you are done, Dreamweaver will prompt you with the results of the Snippets conversion.

  5. Start using all your newly converted Snippets in the Dreamweaver MX Snippets Panel.

Remember, if you need Snippets to be compatible with other programs always use the Classic Snippets Panel. There is currently no way to convert from the Dreamweaver MX format to the format used by other Snippets enabled programs.


If you encounter any issues with this extension or have questions, please direct all inquires to the Snippets Exchange Support forum at: news://support.dwfaq.com/snippets

Note: The Classic Snippets Panel is officially retired, however if you do have an interest in the product or need to get Version 1.1, please contact its creator Massimo Foti and be sure to include Classic Snippets Panel in your subject line.



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