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Submitting Snippets to the Snippets Exchange

Registration is required in order to submit Snippets to the Snippets Exchange. You must have provided a valid E-mail address and Full Name or Business name in your profile to be qualified to submit a Snippet. This information is important so that we can reach you if there is an issue with the Snippet you provide. You may update your profile after you have logged in from the My Profile list menu option in the Logged In box. Please read Disclaimer & Notice for more details.

The submission form is very easy to follow with simple instructions that are provided. If you have problems with your submission you may contact snippetsxsupport@dwfaq.com or post a message on the Snippet Support Forum.

Note: If you make an error, after you have submitted your Snippet you may go to the Uploaded Snippets page and make an update. See the Updating Your Submitted Snippets section below for more details.

Edit Snippet Updating Your Submitted Snippets Edit Snippet

Once you have submitted your Snippet you may update them from the Uploaded Snippets page. You will find the Uploaded Snippets option in the list menu of the Logged In box.

The details of your uploaded Snippets are provided in tabular format. To edit a submitted Snippet, click the corresponding edit icon Edit Snippet for the Snippet you wish to update. You will then be able to edit your Snippet and submit it for approval. Updated Snippets are subject to the same approval guidelines and terms as originals.

Note: You will not be able to change the name of an approved Snippet.

Updated Snippets are usually approved within 48 hours. If you have problems with your submission you may contact snippetsxsupport@dwfaq.com or post a message on the Snippets Exchange Support Forum.



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