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11 February 2003

Macromedia DevNet?
The latest offering from Macromedia is their new DevNet subscription service which offers tools, DevNet Resource Kits and more. Take a few minutes and watch the Interactive Tour to find out what its all about.

22 January 2003

Killer Tips for Dreamweaver MX
Dreamweaver MX Killer Tips is available now at online and earthbound bookstores. Co-authored by Joseph Lowery (of Dreamweaver Bible fame) and Angela C. Buraglia (DWfaq.com's founder), Dreamweaver MX Killer Tips is a collection of almost 300 tips designed to boost your productivity, smooth your workflow and christen your cabbage! Areas covered include CSS, Tables, Browser Compatibility, Templates, Applications, and Coding among others.

For more details, including a complete table of contents, a sample chapter and smashing pictures of Angela and a photo of Joe and his dog, check out the book's companion website at http://www.dwkillertips.com.

27 December 2002

JavaScript Assistant
The latest extension from DWfaq founder Angela C. Buraglia, JavaScript Assistant, is now available for free from the DWfaq Store. Don't forget to check out the Color Assistant($10) while you're there. Keep your eyes peeled for CSS Assistant coming soon.

25 December 2002

Strip <? xml ?> Tag
Strip <? xml ?> Tag is now available from the DWfaq Store, free! Keep your eyes open for JavaScript Assistant coming soon to the new Free Stuff section of our store later this week.

03 December 2002

Dreamweaver MX 6.1 Updater Released
So many important fixes have been made for the release of the update to Dreamweaver MX. This release is significant to any Dreamweaver MX user (not just those using Contribute) so be sure you go to Macromedia's site, get the download, and install it today!

But wait, there's more! Be sure to read the directions at Macromedia's site that explain that how to keep all your extensions intact for use after the update. Note that disabling extensions can take a few minutes; some patience is required, but it is worth it!

DRK2 Released Today
The Developer's Resource Kit volume 2 (DRK2) is now available for $99 which contains extensions for various Macromedia products. One popular request for enhancement to Dreamweaver, a site-wide spellchecker (Batch Spell Check), is included in this volume. (The DRK volume 1 is still availabe.)

Contribute, on Sale Now
Macromedia has officially released their new product, Contribute, available from the Macromedia Store.

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