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10 November 2002

New Macromedia Product
Macromedia has put an end to </hassle> with Macromedia Contribute. A dektop application meant to allow your clients to update their sites without messing with your code, it's going to be a boon to developers and clients alike. Check out the full feature tour to find out more.

05 November 2002

Color Assistant
Do you hand-code your CSS? You're going to love this toolbar. Though you're most likely to find this extension handy if you hand-code CSS, the Color Assistant toolbar is available in any type of document. Clicking through the various CSS dialogs just to pick a color while working in a .css file wastes a whole lot of time. With the Color Assistant, you can avoid that completely. Check out the Flash demo to see the color Assistant in action.

Be a Master at CSS Using Dreamweaver
Taking the first step on the road to learning CSS is made much easier by the folks at Project Seven. Building on Solid Foundations, the first e-book dedicated to Dreamweaver, takes you step by step through all CSS features found in Dreamweaver and teaches you all the basics you need to know.

26 October 2002

Special Happy Birthday Wishes
DWfaq's resident ASP guru Daniel Short is celebrating his 27th birthday today. We hope he gets everything he's wishing for. Happy Birthday Dan!

24 October 2002

It's Templates Day in Dreamweaver Land!
Template users across the globe are rejoicing today for two very good reasons. First and foremost, folks around the globe are celebrating the long awaited Dreamweaver MX Templates by Brad Halstead and Murray Summers. The other good reason to mark today as Templates Day in Dreamweaver Land is that DWfaq's Template-Lover's Suite has a new upgrade available. The upgrade adds 6 new objects to the Templates category of the Insert bar. From now until October 31st, 2002 the suite will be available for $2. On November 1st, 2002 the price will be raised to $6. So if you haven't gotten your Template-Lover's Suite, get it today!

18 October 2002

Get 105 new formats and the potential for an infinite number of additional formats in the DWfaq Date/Time Format Suite. Everything from past and present dates to week ranges and month and weekday names. You'll never need another date format. See every format available along with screenshots and demo pages in the DWfaq Store.

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