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28 September 2002

Welcome Jerry Baker
DreamweaverFAQ.com has gained a new merchant, Jerry Baker. Jerry currently offers 2 extensions via the DWfaq Store. Jerry's first extension released at DWfaq was Insert Image+ which lets you automate the process of adding ALT and TITLE attributes. New to the DWfaq store is Jerry's Insert (X)HTML Doctypes which not only inserts DTDs but can also switch the current DTD with the newly selected DTD in one full swoop. We're very happy to have Jerry's products available and we're sure you're going to love his products too.

10 September 2002

TODCON Pictures
TODCON MX lived up to it's reputation of being the best Dreamweaver conference available. Check out some of the photos that were taken at this year's event:

Angela C. Buraglia's TODCON photos:
Laurie Casolino's TODCON photos:
Bill Horvath's TODCON photos:
Murray Summers' TODCON photos:

01 September 2002

Meet Several DWfaq Tutorial Authors
TODCON is your chance to meet and mingle with several DWfaq tutorial authors including: Angela C. Buraglia, Kim Cavanaugh, Marcello, Cerutti, Jay A. Grantham, Daniel Short, Murray Summers, and Mick White. Angela, Kim, Dan and Murray are scheduled speakers too. Not to mention all the other Dreamweaver newsgroup regulars, other well known attendees and speakers. Don't miss out on TODCON MX; it's only a few days away!

23 August 2002

e-Commerce Resources
If you're looking for e-Commerce products that work well in the Dreamweaver MX environment, you've come to the right place. The new e-Commerce Resources will help you find what you need. Check it out»

15 August 2002

TODCON/Cartweaver Special Offer
Planning to attend TODCON? Have you purchased Cartweaver? Awesome, you're eligible for a free copy of Macromedia ColdFusion Web Application Construction Kit - a $54.99 value! Find Out More »

Get it at the Store
DWfaq Store is growing quickly and now offers products from 333CreativeCentral, Cartweaver, Kaosweaver, Rider Design, Web-Shorts and of course DreamweaverFAQ. Check out the variety of products available.

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