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Basic FAQs

Q. How do I use the property inspectors?

A. You need to familiarize yourself with all the different property inspectors provided in DW. A basic understanding of these will improve your workflow immensely.
URL: http://www.dwfaq.com/Tutorials/DW-Interface/inspectors.asp

Q. I lost my Property Inspector. It is checked off in the Window Menu and I still can't find it. Where did it go?

A. For Dreamweaver 4: Window» Arrange Panels. If you are still using Dreamweaver 3: Window» Arrange Floating Palettes.

Q. How do I change page margins? How can I get rid of that small space/border/margin I get in browsers on the left and top?

A. There are 2 methods by which you can define page margins. Use CSS to redefine the body tag:

<style type="text/css">
<!-- body { margin-top: 0px; margin-right: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px; margin-left: 0px}
--> </style>

Or you can set your margins in the <body> of the HTML code. Click Modify» Page Properties (Ctrl+J on the PC or Command+J on the Macintosh), and edit your margins appropriately.

For further explaination of how best to do this, see the tutorial:

Setting Page Margins
by Angela C. Buraglia
URL: http://www.dwfaq.com/Tutorials/Basics/margins.asp

Q. Why won't my behavior work in Netscape? The inspector says onClick when I select the image.

A. You need to apply your onClick behavior to the actual <a> tag, instead of your image. Click on your image to select it, and in the behavior inspector, change the action from onClick to (onClick) [with the parentheses]. This will add the <a> tag around your image, and your behavior will work perfectly.

Basic Tutorials

Please see the Basic Tutorials Page.

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