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Where to Find Extensions

This is the official Macromedia extensions site. These extensions have been tested by Macromedia and the list of extensions can be searched by category.

The Dreamweaver Exchange (Official Macromedia Extensions Site)
URL: http://www.macromedia.com/exchange/dreamweaver/

Extension Sites (Listed in Alphabetical Order)

These sites also offer either Dreamweaver and/or UltraDev extensions, some of which are not found on the Macromedia site. Many of these sites are maintained by the extension authors themselves and may contain information and/or tutorials about how to install and use the extensions. Some extensions are free, while others are commercial extensions.

Note: The Dreamweaver and/or UltraDev versions that the Web sites listed below support may vary. Many extensions will work in Dreamweaver MX, however some may not.

200k Ltd.
URL: http://www.200k.co.uk/extensions_dw.html

Alex Dzhulay's Extensions
URL: http://www.linecraft.com/downloads.htm

Andrew Castle's Extensions
URL: http://andrewc.com/~andrewc/downloads/dream.htm

Angela C. Buraglia's Extensions
URL: http://www.dwfaq.com/go.asp?ID=AngelaX10

Basic UltraDev
URL: http://www.basic-ultradev.com/

BC Media Online
URL: http://www.bcmedia-online.com/fyi.html

Bekker Studios
URL: http://www.bekker-studios.com/dreamweaver/

Brendan Dawes' Extensions
URL: http://www.brendandawes.com/dreamweaver/index.html

Buzz inet PHP Login Suite
URL: http://www.dreamweavermxsupport.com/extensions/phploginsuite/

URL: http://www.cascade.org.uk/software/dreamweaver/

Colm Gallagher's Extensions
URL: http://www.colmgallagher.com/extensions.htm

Community MX's Dreamweaver Extensions
URL: http://www.communitymx.com/category.cfm?catID=1&typeid=5

Daniele Ugoletti's Extensions
URL: http://www.metagraf.it/extension/

David Miles's Extensions
URL: http://www.z3roadster.net/dreamweaver/

Deva Associates LLC
URL: http://www.devahelp.com/

Digital Media
URL: http://www.dmedia.net/dreamwarrior/

URL: http://www.dmxzone.com

Dreamweaver Depot
URL: http://andrewwooldridge.com/dreamweaver/

Dreamweaver Supply Bin
URL: http://home.att.net/%7EJCB.BEI/Dreamweaver/

Dru's Dreamweaver Fever
URL: http://www.dreamweaverfever.com/

Edoardo Zubler's Extensions
URL: http://www.aftershape.com/

E-Front Media
URL: http://www.e-frontmedia.com/dreamweaver.asp

E. Michael Brandt's Extensions
URL: http://valleywebdesigns.com/vwd_Vdw.htm

Felice Di Stefano
URL: http://www.felixone.it/extensions/dwextensionsen.asp

Four Level Webs
URL: http://www.fourlevel.com/

Gareth Downes-Powell's Extensions
URL: http://ultradev.buzzinet.co.uk/extensions/

George McLachlan's Extensions
URL: http://www.experimentalmonkey.co.uk/extensions.php

Giampaolo Bellavite's Extensions
URL: http://www.bellavite.com/en/index.htm?dw

Griffin Moore's Extensions
URL: http://mythic.com/code/coldfusion/index.html

Harold Bakker's Extensions
URL: http://www.haroldbakker.com/extensions/index.php

Hal Pawluk's Extensions
URL: http://www.pawluk.com/public/

URL: http://www.interakt.ro/products/

Ivan Baldassi's Extensions
URL: http://www.ilgiovine.com/extension.htm

Jag Sidhu's Extensions
URL: http://www.ultrasuite.com/

James Threadgill's Extensions
URL: http://www.ebconcepts.com/asp/dwmx_extensions.asp

Jason Dalgarno's Extensions
URL: http://home.clara.net/locust-star/

James Illson's Extensions
URL: http://www.datacertain.com/

Jerry Baker's Extensions
URL: http://dreamweaver.bakerweb.biz/

Joe M.Milicevic's Extensions
URL: http://jjooee.media3.net/extensions.html

Joseph Lowery's Extensions Database
URL: http://www.idest.com/dreamweaver/objects-fr.htm

Joseph Scavitto's Extensions
URL: http://www.thechocolatestore.com/ultradev/

Julian Robert's Extensions
URL: http://charon.co.uk/

Ken Husveg's Extensions
URL: http://www.factxpress.com/dw/

Kevin Marshall's Extensions
URL: http://www.webxel-dw.co.uk

Kermy's Extensions
URL: http://www.kermy.com/extensions

Lawrence Cramer's Extensions
URL: http://www.cartweaver.com/

Massimo's Corner
URL: http://www.massimocorner.com/

Marcello Cerruti's Extensions
URL: http://www.ilcreaweb.com/

Marja Ribbers-de Vroed's Extensions
URL: http://www.flevooware.nl/dreamweaver/

Nathan Pitman's Extensions
URL: http://www.nathanpitman.com/source/extensions.php

Olle Karneman's Extensions
URL: http://www.olle.se.st/extensions/

Omar Elbaga's Extensions
URL: http://www.udnewbie.com/Extensions/

Owen Palmer's Extensions
URL: http://ultradeviant.co.uk/

Paul Davis's KaosWeaver
URL: http://www.kaosweaver.com/Extensions/

Paul Newman's Extensions
URL: http://www.newmanzone.com/downloads/

Peacock Direct
URL: http://www.peacockdirect.com/downloads/index.asp

Pete Erwin's Extensions
URL: http://www.assonetriver.com/snippets/

Photo Guide
URL: http://www.photoguide.co.za/dreamweaver/dreamweaver.html

Piero Mattirolo's Extensions
URL: http://www.admil.com/tutorial/Multidelete.html

URL: http://www.powerclimb.com/powerclimb/

Pretty Lady II by Brad Halstead with the works of Eddie Traversa
URL: http://www.prettylady2.net

Project VII
URL: http://www.projectseven.com/extensions/

Rabi's Extensions
URL: http://www.dreamweaver-extensions.com

Ranjan's Extensions
URL: http://www.dreamlettes.net

Rachel Andrews' Extensions
URL: http://www.edgeofmyseat.com/developers/dreamweaver_ext.asp

Rob Turnbull's Extensions
URL: http://www.robgt.com/ultradev/extensions/

Script Inspector
URL: http://www.scriptinspector.com/

Shore Computers
URL: http://www.shorecomp.com/ultradev/

Sune Pederson's Extensions
URL: http://www.spdesign.dk/extensions.asp

URL: http://www.tecnorama.org/extensions

The Comb
URL: http://www.thecomb.net/

Tim Green's Extensions
URL: http://www.rawveg.org/

Timothy John Booker's Extensions
URL: http://www.yaffle.org/projects/

Tom Steeper's Extensions
URL: http://www.webuality.com/t-cubed/

Tom Muck's Extensions
URL: http://www.tom-muck.com/extensions/

Tomas Chislett's Extensions
URL: http://www.geocities.com/tchislett/dw/index.html

TopStyle Floating Panel
URL: http://www.bradsoft.com/topstyle/download/dwextension.asp

URL: http://www.udzone.com/

Wayne Lambright's Extensions
URL: http://www.mxextensions.com/

URL: http://hotwired.lycos.com/webmonkey/partners/dreamweaver/

URL: http://www.webassist.com/Products/Products.asp

URL: http://www.yaromat.com/dw/index.php

Special Thanks to Marcello Cerruti for his help compiling this list of extension sites.

Extension Manager

Dreamweaver MX ships with Extension Manager version 1.5041.

Is your Extension Manager the most recent version? Choose Help» About Macromedia Extension Manager and look in the lower left of the splash screen that appears.

The current version of the Extension Manager is 1.5054. Please read the Release Notes and Download the latest Extension Manager from Macromedia's Web site.

Note: The current Extension Manager supports Dreamweaver 4, UltraDev 4 and Dreamweaver MX only! If you need support for Dreamweaver 3 or UltraDev 1 read this TechNote.

Commercial Extension

105 Date/Time Formats for ASP/VBScript
Over 100 Date/Time formats for all your needs. You can even add your own!

Cartweaver: E-Commerce Power for the ASP, ColdFusion, and PHP Developers
Cartweaver- Get your ASP, ColdFusion, or PHP store on the web faster than you thought possible!

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