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Browsers - Browser Statistics sites, browser downloads, and sites to help you design for specific browsers.

CGI, Forms, Scripts - Common Gateway Interface, Scripts for Forms, and PHP.

CSS - A compilation of CSS sites you'll definitely want to keep around for reference when you need them.

Extensions - Where to get all those cool Dreamweaver extensions that make you work so much easier.

Fonts - Fonts Sites, Font Identifier Sites, and Font Information and Resource Sites.

JavaScript - You'll probably need to learn a little bit of JavaScript to help you build your site. Here you'll learn some very basic JavaScript and find samples of code for simple tasks.

Utilities - A whole bunch of tools to help make your web development life a little bit easier.

Resource Sites - Several other Dreamweaver resource sites.

Search Engines - Need to add a search to your site? Want to find out all the tricks to getting a good listing in a search engine? Here's where you'll find those handly links.

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