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Table Tutorials

Creating Rules with Tables
by Jay A. Grantham
URL: http://www.dwfaq.com/Tutorials/Tables/creating_rules.asp

Flexible Page Layout Using Tables
by James M. Shook
URL: http://www.dwfaq.com/tables/flexible_tables.asp

Nesting Tables in Layout View
by Angela C. Buraglia
URL: http://www.dwfaq.com/Tutorials/Tables/layout_nesting.asp

Nesting Tables to Create Borders
by Jay A. Grantham
URL: http://www.dwfaq.com/Tutorials/Tables/table_borders.asp

Magnum P.I. (Property Inspectors, not Private Investigators)
by Daniel W. Short
-Table Inspectors (part of a series of seven Property Inspector tutorials)
URL: http://www.dwfaq.com/Tutorials/DW-Interface/inspectors_tables.asp

Managing Fixed Width Tables
by Murray R. Summers
URL: http://www.dwfaq.com/Tutorials/Tables/managing_tables.asp

Other sites

How to Use the Dreamweaver 4 Layout View
by Trent Pastrana
URL: http://www.fourlevel.com/dreamweaver/layoutview/

Rounding the Corners
by Eric Hockman
URL: http://www.erichockman.com/roundtables.html

Creating Rounded Table Corners
by DreamweaverSites.com
URL: http://www.dreamweaversites.com/tutorials/roundedcorners.htm

Lynda.com's Quick Time Movies

-Percentage-Based Tables
URL: http://www.lynda.com/products/videos/dw4cd/sample_movies.html

-Sorting Tables
URL: http://www.lynda.com/products/videos/dw3cd/sample_movies.html

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