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Q. How do I change a behavior's event?

A. You change behavior event using the drop down in the Behaviors panel.

Changing Behavior Events

Changing an Event

By default Dreamweaver applies behaviors onMouseOver for most actions. Oftentimes you may want an action to happen onClick, such as opening a full size image of a thumbnail.

To accomplish this, first select the object that has the behavior attached. This will be the text or image that you want the behavior attached to. Once you have the text or image selected, open your behavior panel by choosing Window» Behaviors.


This panel lists all behavior attached to the currently selected object. In order to change the Event from onMouseOver to onClick, follow these steps.

First, click the event in order to select it.


screenshot3.gifNext, click the arrow to view all the possible events for this action. This will cause the drop down menu to appear.

Note: Choosing onClick will activate that action when the user actually clicks the link. Choosing "Show Events For" at the bottom will allow you to choose which events you want to display. Selecting events for IE 5.0 will give you list almost four times larger that the one to the left.

Events for images

Applying events to images can sometimes be problematic. If you have events for 4.0 and later browsers selected, then onMouseDown is a valid event for an image. onMouseDown is the default event for behaviors attached to images. Unfortunately, Netscape will not apply behaviors attached to an image. The image must be surrounded with an <a> tag, which has the event triggered onClick. To fix this, we'll follow these steps:

screenshot4.gifFirst, select the image you've applied the behavior to and open your Behaviors panel. You should notice that the event is applied onMouseDown. Click on the Action to activate it and then click the arrow to show the drop down menu.

This time, your list should be much longer. Notice the difference between the top set of events and the bottom set of events. Events without parentheses are attached to the image itself. Events with parentheses will be attached to the <a> tag wrapping your image. In order to get your popup windows working in Netscape you need to change your event to (onClick). This will wrap your image with the <a> tag and apply the event onClick.


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