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The Basics of Using Dreamweaver- The Panels

Author: Mark Reynolds
Author's Site:DWzone.net
Reference ID: 15607

The Dreamweaver Panels

Below is a new "Document Window". If one does not open for you by default, you probably see the Site Files Window. From the menu, select File» New.

The Document Window

The two floating Panels shown in this picture are probably the most used Panels. Each one you will use as you go along with this tutorial but here is a short explanation of each one.

The Objects Panel

The Objects Panel This is where you add images, roll over buttons, flash movies, layers and many more “objects” Instead of me going through each and every button why not try and see which are which by pressing them. You will soon see what they do!

The Properties Inspector

The Properties Inspector

This is the Panel where you are going to format things (e.g., text, tables etc.) Like the name suggests, it adjusts the properties of what you include in your web pages. Check out the Properties Inspector Tutorial for more information.

If you don’t have these Panels showing, select Window» Objects and then Window» Properties.

Tip: If you lose any of your Panels off your screen, try Window» Arrange Floating Panels.

OK lets start to create the masterpiece...

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