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Magnum P.I. (Property Inspectors, not Private Investigators)

The Form Inspectors

Forms, ya gotta love 'em. Unfortunately, there is an inspector for every danged form element, so this page took me hours to do. You better read every word, because my fingers are still bleeding. The small icons surrounding each inspector title tell you what button to push in the Object Panel to insert that particular object.

Form The <form> Inspector Form
small_form_inspector Form Name Form Action Form Method

TextField The Text Field inspector Hidden Field
input_inspector Input Name Form Action Form Method Input type Initial Value Input Wrap

Button The Button Inspector Button
submit_inspector Button Name Button Label Button Action

Checkbox Checkbox and Radio button inspectors Radio
chkbx_inspector Button Name Button Label Button Action

ListMenu List/Menu Inspector Jump Menu
List/Menu Inspector List Name List Type Menu Options List Values Initially Selected

I'm not going to cover the Image Field, File Field, Hidden Field or Jump Menu objects in the form Panel. The image field has the same type of attributes as a regular image (check the image inspector), and the File and Hidden fields only have name, height and width, or value inputs. You can view the Text Field inspector if you have questions regarding the File and Hidden field inspectors. The Jump Menu uses the same inspector as the regular List/Menu.

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